Everyone too busy trying to survive to spend any time creating something new. –James S.A. Corey

Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often the result of a lack of wisdom. –Terry Pratchett

Aside of an excuse to quote Corey and Pratchett, I feel like both of those perspectives are relevant to the notion of writing a blog. Some days it really is just about survival, yet those are often the very ones with the most useful lessons learned, and the temptation is to just rush headlong into the next thing rather than stop to reflect and build on them. The wisdom gained through the lack thereof is the stuff that sticks but I still have no shortage of lack; whether that will serve to make this a journal of discovery or a cautionary tale remains to be seen!

I’ll be adding some posts going forward relating to my work in K-12 education as well as backfilling some older material and interesting pieces from my postgrad cert in cybersecurity.

So here we go on an effort to make something new, and perhaps help out future-me – or you, dear reader.